Jonathan Dreyer

Instrumentation with Python

Overview is a Python module which provides a convenient interface between the PyVISA module and instrument systems.

Currently supports:

Agilent 3561A Dynamic Signal Analyzer
HP 34401A Digital Multimeter
Tektronix 644 Oscilloscope
Lake Shore 340 Temperature Controller
AVS-47IB AC Resistance Bridge Controller
HP E3632 DC Power Supply

Additional instruments can be added as necesary.


#Load InstrumentCommunication module
>>> import InstrumentCommunication
Loading InstrumentCommunication v3.0

More detailed example coming soon....

Installation Requirements

The following software must be installed for InstrumentationCommunication

NI-VISA [download link]

Python [download link]

Note: The InstrumentationCommunication module has been tested on ActivePython Community Edition for Python 2.6. Other versions may work but have not been tested.

NumPy [download link]

PyVISA [download link]


Download and Installation

Download the latest version of InstrumentationCommunication

[InstrumentationCommunication - Version 3.0]

To install, copy file to Python26\Lib\site-packages directory




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